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Jonathan Henderson
Today’s Photos Prove BP Oil On Gulf Surface
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Saturday, 31 July 2010 15:25

This morning I took another flyover the Gulf. While it’s true that the volume of visible oil on the surface has decreased substantially, claims that there is no visible, skimmable oil on the surface are just plain bogus. From the very beginning of the BP drilling disaster, GRN has been watch dogging the containment and clean-up efforts by BP and the Unified Command and have been able to contradict many of their claims with visual evidence. Today was no different.


My question to BP is this: since there are vast patches of skimmable oil on the surface as evidenced by the photos and video I took today, then how come you are not skimming it? How come there was not one single skimmer vessel on site working to protect the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico? The oil that I spotted today was not far from the site where the Deepwater Horizon went down. In the past, before the well was capped, there would have been dozens of skimmers at least making an attempt to contain the oil. Today, I didn’t see any of that. All I can say is that we will continue to ground truth BP’s bogus claims for as long as they continue to make such bogus claims.

oil-july-31-2010-1 oil-july-31-2010-3 oil-july-31-2010-2

Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN


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