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Jonathan Henderson
New Images From The Frontline Of BP's Disaster
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Friday, 06 April 2012 08:39


jnb1It has been nearly two years since the BP drilling disaster began in the Gulf, killing 11 people, ruining countless lives, and severely damaging the Gulf’s precious natural resources. On Monday, April 2nd, Scott Eustis and I accompanied a television crew down to northern Barataria bay, Louisiana to collect oil and soil samples from sensitive Spartina marsh.  Below are some photos from our journey. What you will see is that the oil is still there and there was no shortage of it for us to collect. In fact, we filled at least a couple of dozen jars that we will be distributing to some scientists who requested it and will use some of it in our outreach work as we continue on our mission to educate the public that the impacts are far, far from over. Have a look:




I will be taking another trip via boat on this coming Monday and GRN pledges to continue our monitoring efforts throughout the Gulf so that the public can remain aware of the true story about what is really happening. Working with some of our allies along the Gulf coast, next week be on the look out for another multi-state, ongoing and current impacts blog including very recent photos of the legacy BP's drilling disaster has left behind and that continues to plague our beloved Gulf coast. For the coast!


Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN.




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