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Hal  Mals Event 1Hal and Mal's Restaurant was the venue for Jackson for a Healthy Gulf, our second annual GRN event for our friends and members in Jackson, Ms. On March 5th, 25 guests came to eat hot tamales, have drinks, and learn about GRN's 2013 Mississippi activities and campaigns. Helen Rose Patterson, our outreach team director, hosted the GRN membership table and pulled names for the raffle items. I covered GRN's current Mississippi water and wetland issues and campaigns including the 12 Miles South Coalition's activities in opposition to oil and gas drilling too close to the Mississippi barrier islands. GRN and Sierra Club of Mississippi's have appealed the state's administrative rules on oil and gas exploration. We discussed the BP oil spill's effect on those islands, and our work to reduce nutrients in the Mississippi River that contribute to the Gulf Dead Zone.Hal  Mals Event 2 Compared to 2012, we doubled the number of attendees and there were good comments and questions from guests. It was a lively and enjoyable evening. Raffle items for the night were donated by AVEDA, Buffalo Peak Outfitters, and Claire Whitehurst.


Andrew Whitehurst is GRN's Assistant Director of Science and Water Policy


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