Gulf Coast Environmental Video Competition

camera.pngSecond Annual "Protect our Wetlands, Protect

Environmental Video Competition



Use your creative talent to help
restore the Gulf of Mexico's coast and
  Enter the Gulf Restoration Network and Charitable Film Network's
"Protect our Wetlands, Protect Ourselves" Video Competition.  Make a short film (of no more than 7 minutes) about the environmental challenges facing Gulf Coast communities
as they work to recover from the devastating 2005 and 2008 hurricane seasons.

The best submissions, from (1) students (Grades 5-12) and (2) the general community, will be featured on the GRN's website.  Grand prize winners in both of these categories will win over $1,000 in cash and prizes, with runners up and second runners up recieving over $300 in cash and prizes.  Prizes include 2 VIP tickets to the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans and more!  Submissions must cover one of the following themes: wetlands protection and restoration , coastal
forest conservation
, "The Dead Zone", clean and healthy water, sustainable fisheries, global warming and its effects on the Gulf Coast, or other topics developed in coordination with the GRN or our member groups.

for submissions is July 30, 2009.


Enter your video today. For more information scroll down
or Contact Aaron Viles at - phone: 1-504-525-1528 ext. 207


  1. All entries must feature one
    of the following pre-selected themes of:
    (1.) wetlands protection and restoration
    (2.) coastal
    forest conservation

    (3.) "The Dead Zone"
    (4.) clean and healthy water
    (5.) sustainable fisheries
    (6.) global warming and its effects on the Gulf Coast
    (7.) other topics developed in coordination with the GRN or any of our member groups.
  1. All entries must be submitted
    in DVD NTSC format. 
  1. All entries must
    be clearly marked with title. Title
    should be displayed on the DVD as well as on the accompanying case.
  1. No copyrighted material may be used in contest submissions without written approval of the lawful
    owner of the material.
  1. All cast and crew members
    must be credited properly on the video. 
  1. There are no language or geographic restrictions. However, if
    a language other than English is spoken, subtitles must be used.
  1. There is no entry fee or maximum
    number of entries per contestant. 
  1. A completed pdf entry form 37.54 Kb must accompany each submission.  More than one film may be submitted per DVD.
    However, separate entry forms must be submitted for each film and each
    title should be clearly marked on the DVD.
  2. Submissions will be judged in
    two categories:
  • Student (Youth - Grades 6 to 12)
  • Community (the General Public / non-students)

Winners will be selected by a
panel of judges consisting of:

  • Representatives from the GRN and the Charitable Film Network. 


The GRN must receive your postmarked submission(s) no later than July 30, 2009.  All contest submissions become the property of the Gulf Restoration Network and will not be returned.

Mail your entry form and a DVD copy of your video that offers a positive call to action on one of the six GRN contest themes to:

Gulf Restoration Network
P.O. Box 2245
New Orleans, LA 70176

You may also hand deliver your submission between the hours of 10:00 am
and 4:00 pm Monday - Friday, at the Gulf Restoration Network's New
Orleans Office:

338 Baronne
Street, Suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70112

For more information: Contact Aaron Viles at or 504-525-1528 ext. 207





Media Inquiries

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