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Gulf Currents is the Gulf Restoration Network's printed quarterly newsletter providing updates on GRN's programs, organizational partner group activities, and current events and issues from around the Gulf.


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Gulf Currents - December 2013

Inside this Issue: Dirty Energy on the Gulf Coast, Message from the Executive Director, Oil and Gas in Court, The Louisiana Pancake Batfish, Mondo Fundraiser, Salons for a Healthy Gulf, Voodoo Music Experience, Preserving Coastal Mississippi, Florida Fracking, Alabama Pipeline

Gulf Currents - Winter 2013

Inside this Issue: As BP Pummeled in Court, Gulf Beaches Hit by Tarballs, Message from the Executive Director, Gulf Monitoring Consortium, GRN in DC, New Board Member, Easter Keg Hunt, Aveda Earth Month 2013, New GRN Headquarters, GRN Outreach Team, The Problem with Sewage, Mississippi DMR Rocked by Scandal, Coal Terminals Threatening Coastal Restoration, Florida Legislative Session: Water Outlook for 2013, Switching Gears to Save Bluefin Tuna

Inside this issue:
BP-Funded Boondoggles, Message from the Board Chair, Flood Less New Orleans, Bryde's Whale, Andy Borberly on the Mississippi, Upcoming Events, Baton Rouge Fundraiser, Aveda Earth Month, Thanks to Dan and Aaron, Florida's Nature Coast Protected, Dead Zone, Pearl River Paper Mill Fined, Working Together with the River and Dredge


Gulf Currents - Fall 2012

Inside this Issue: Hurricane Isaac Aftermath, Letter from the Executive Director, Coastal Lines of Defense, Florida: Weeki Wachee Springs, Mondo Event, Hands Across the Sand, Marsh Dog Winner, Voodoo Experience, Robert Wiygul Sierra Club Award, Paddling the Heart of America, Dead Zone, Creature Feature, Mississippi Update

Inside this issue: Message from an Advisory Board Member, Dead Zone EPA Lawsuit, 12 Miles South Coalition, Gulf Gathering 2012, Easter Keg Hunt, Congratulations & Thanks to Eir, Cruisin' for the Coast, Aveda Earth Month, Bluefin Tuna, Florida Waters, Thanks to our Supporters, The American Purple Gallinule

Gulf Currents - Winter 2012

Inside this issue: Board Member Perspective from Mississippi, Keeping Florida's Water Flowing, BP Propaganda, Mondo Fundraiser, Voodoo 2011, Aveda Earth Month, Thank You Donors, Hattiesburg Sewage Update, Louisiana Master Plan Summary, Whopping Crane, Kemper Gumbo


Gulf Currents- Fall 2011

Inside this Issue: The Oil is Still Here and So Are We, Victory for One River and Fish Kill on Another, Gulf Community Member Spotlight, Florida’s Nature Coast, Louisiana’s Dead Zone, Sperm Whales, Student Activists

Gulf Currents - Summer 2011

Inside this issue: Great Flood of 2011, BP Disaster Update, Gulf Events, Aveda Partnership, Pancake Batfish, Protecting Florida, Sediment Diversions, Smelly Lagoons

Gulf Currents - Spring 2011
Inside this issue: Nat'l Commission Report, Climate Change, MRGO, Restoration Plan, Interview with a Biogeo-chemist, Gulf Events, GRN Supporters, Gulf Community, No to Kemper Coal, Bryde's Whale, Walking to DC for the Gulf


Gulf Currents - Winter 2010
Inside this issue: Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery; Gulf Task Force; Florida Waters; Gulf Events; GRN Supporters; Gulf Future; Woodpeckers; Student Activists; Fake Lake Update; Tarmac Mine Destruction

Gulf Currents - Fall 2010
Inside this issue: The Fight for the Gulf; Gulf Seafood; Whale Sharks; Gulf Community; Wetlands Protected; Florida Victory; Gulf Future; Intern's View

Gulf Currents - Summer 2010
Inside this issue: Responding to BP's Oil Drilling Disaster; Support from Fujita; Five Years After Katrina; Oil Drilling in FL; Gulf Events; New Staff; Protecting Rivers; Clean Water; Bluefin Tuna

Gulf Currents - Spring 2010
Inside this issue: Healthy Gulf Krewe Spotlight; Ocean Policy; Amazing Fish; Climate Concern; Gulf Events; Cypress Trees; Florida's Legacy; Texas Beache; Gopher Frogs; Pristine Waters



Gulf Currents - Winter 2009
Inside this issue: 15th Anniversary Special Edition

Gulf Currents - Fall 2009
Inside this issue: Sediment Study Troublesome for Gulf; Water Report Card Release; Aveda Earth Month Support; Climate Change Legislation

Gulf Currents - Summer 2009
Inside this issue: Wetlands Victory: Jean LaFitte National Park Grows; USGS Identities Top Sources of Gulf Dead Zone Pollution; Florida’s Black Bears; New Board Member Welcome

Gulf Currents - Spring 2009
Inside this issue: GRN Responds to Threats to Gulf Fisheries; Gulf States: Clean Up Your Act!; Gulf Gathering; Mulch Matters



Gulf Currents - Winter 2008
Inside this issue: Third Katrinaversary Marked; Fertilizer vs. Fish; Creature Feature; Whale Sharks in the Gulf

Gulf Currents - Fall 2008
Inside this issue: Gulf Dead Zone Grows; MRGO Must Go Campaign; GRN’s Florida Program; Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales – Oh My!

Gulf Currents - Summer 2008
Inside this issue: A Citizens Guide to Sewage Pollution; Save the Bait; Protect the Pearl River; Consequences of Climate Change!

Gulf Currents - Spring 2008
Inside this issue: Member Spotlight: Dean Wilson - Atchafalaya Basinkeeper; Red Tide in Florida; Scenic River Protected; What's in YOUR Garden?



GRN News - Winter 2007
Inside this issue: New Staff Member Spotlight; Cypress Updates; Florida at a Crossroads; Texas is Going Nuclear; Students United for a Healthy Gulf; GRN needs your Help!; GRN Organizes to Stop Damaging Coastal Highway Project

GRN News - Fall 2007
Inside this issue: Dead Zone; The Katrinaversary: The Slow Path to Recovery; Thank You AVEDA!; Member spotlight: Environment Texas; Network News Updates from Across the Gulf

GRN News - Summer 2007
Inside this issue: News & Changes from the GRN; Save Our Cypress Arbor Day of Action; EPA & States Fail to Enforce Clean Water Act; Member spotlight: Pearl River Basin Coalition; Victories—Black Creek and Magnolia Bay Updates; Aveda Earth Month

GRN News - Spring 2007
Inside this issue: Coastal Recovery Plans Flood Protection or Wetland Destruction?; Board Chair Joe Murphy on Saving Florida's Nature Coast; Louisiana Wetlands Treatment Plan; Aveda partners with the GRN in 2007; Member spotlight on Louisiana Bucket Brigade.



GRN News - Winter 2006
Inside this issue: GRN Launches Campaign to Save Our Cypress; Mississippi Wetlands Under Attack You Can Help; Network Notes - Updates from Member Groups Across the Gulf; Member spotlight on TEJAS, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services.

GRN News - Fall 2006
Inside this issue: Katrinaversary a look back at the year; Watershed Clean Up Needs You; LA Stakeholders at Loggerheads over Cypress; Expanded Endangered Species Work; GRN welcomes new staff;Member spotlight on Portersville Revival Group.

GRN News - Summer 2006
Inside this issue: LNG Victory for Gulf Fish; Lessons from the School of Big Storms; Setting the Bar for Wetlands Protection; Mississippi River and the Gulf; GRN welcomes new staff; Member spotlight on Gulf Coast Environmental Defense

GRN News - Spring 2006
Inside this issue: The MRGO must go; Aveda partners with the GRN; Corps reform legislation introduced; LNG lawsuit and update; GRN welcomes new staff; Member spotlight on Gulf Islands Conservancy



GRN News - Winter 2005
Inside this issue: The GRN in the post-Katrina/Rita Gulf; New water resources issues post-Katrina; Firsthand report on rebuilding in Mississippi; GRN and other groups issue guidelines for recovery effort; Flood Washington effort launched - Help the GRN demand a federal commitment to the Gulf's coast and communities.

GRN News - Summer 2005
Inside this issue: Summer Recreation Endangered by EPA's sewage policy; LNG Symposium; Houston neighborhood has toxic schools; Support the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act; save Our Seafood successful; Limiting Mercury Pollution; Support the Save Our Waters from Sewage Act

GRN News - Spring 2005
Inside this issue: The ADEM Reform Commission keeps an eye on new ADEM director; Science Working Group on Coastal Wetland Forest Conservation and Use issues report stating some coastal forests cannot recover from logging; The Citizens' Agenda for Rivers; An introduction to LNG; Member spotlight - Louisiana Wildlife Federation; Action Alert on Shell LNG terminal



GRN News - Winter 2004
Inside this issue: Our 10th Anniversary Issue!

Articles on the beginnings of the GRN, our past work, and our future plans; Alist of GRN publications to date; Praise from our peers; A thank you to our funders; A timeline of GRN activities; Network Notebook and Calendar

GRN News - Fall 2004
Inside this issue: Cypress swamps could benefit from new LA Advisory Panel and Science Working Group on Coastal Wetland Forest Conservation and Use; Avoid buying cypress mulch; Florida Marine Contractors attack important conservation laws, threaten manatees; More on the Climate Stewardship Act; Dead Zone remains large; Member Spotlight on the Sierra Club Lonestar Chapter; New GRN staff member; Network Notebook and Calendar.

GRN News - Summer 2004
Inside this issue: The Big Sunflower and the Mississippi River on the Most Enangered Rivers report; Kemp's Ridley turtles face challenges in Texas; LA DEQ launches source water protection program; Corps launches wasteful study in LaFleurs Lake; Member Spotlight on the Alabama Environmental Council; Fenholloway wastes threaten Gulf; Network Notebook and Calendar.

GRN News - Spring 2004
Inside this issue: Liquefied Natural Gas in Mobile; the Corps releases Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement with disturbing consequences for coastal Mississippi; Victory for the Clean Water Act; Mr. Bill fights for coastal LA wetlands; Texas Land Office has opportunity to protect sea turtle; Proposed nuclear; Corps Reform in 2004; Member Spotlight on the Ocean Conservancy

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