Gulf Restoration Network

United for a Healthy Gulf

Summer Jobs to Defend the Gulf

april-2009-nola-earth-fest-75-sm The oil is still here, and so are we! BP must be held accountable and the Gulf must be restored. From the beautiful cypress forests to seagrass beds teaming with fish to the most biodiverse wetlands in the country, the Gulf Coast is a natural treasure. Unfortunately, we lose a football field worth of wetlands every hour on the Gulf coast and BP's oil drilling disaster is wreaking havoc on the marine and coastal ecosystems our communities rely on. You can help defend the Gulf!

This summer, work with the Gulf Restoration Network to:

    • Organize public support for the Restore the Gulf campaign to hold BP accountable and ensure effective environmental restoration,
    • Put pressure on government and oil companies to fix Louisiana’s ailing coastal wetlands, and
    • Build the movement for a healthy Gulf by recruiting members for Gulf Restoration Network.

Work in New Orleans with potential for travel throughout the Gulf, learn valuable outreach and activism skills, and earn $5,000 to $8,500 for the summer.

For more information and to apply, call 504-865-0380.