Director of Communications and Outreach (CEER)

The Coalition for Environment, Equity and Resilience (CEER) is a collaboration raising awareness of the connection between pollution, place, and the public’s health.

CEER is hiring its first Director of Communications and Outreach to cover the Upper Texas Gulf
Coast and Texas’s 2019 legislative session. CEER brings together advocacy, social justice and
education groups from three main constituencies: environmental justice, affordable housing, and
conservation. Together, these main constituencies developed an 8-point plan to guide recovery
efforts and infrastructure spending after Hurricane Harvey.

The position is funded for one year at this time and will be part community organizer and part
communications officer ensuring that CEER’s policy priorities are articulated to the general public,
elected officials, as well as various non-profit partners. The Communications Director will be an
employee of the Gulf Restoration Network, the fiscal program sponsor for CEER and report to a
steering committee in developing and furthering the policy and community organizing principles
of the coalition.

Please visit for more information and to review the 8-point plan.

Our new Director of Communications and Outreach should be:
• passionate about ensuring a healthy environment for all, including both the natural and
built worlds within the urban and suburban context;
• a strategic thinker who can assist with the development of solid narratives to advance
CEER’s 8-point plan;
• a community member that embraces community involvement in campaigns;
• a great communicator who can build relationships with both grassroots and grasstop

Key Duties:

The Director of Communications and Outreach will be responsible for overseeing both the
communications and outreach programs, including managing volunteers, campaigns, and
trainings. This also includes our social media presence as well as various events and publications
throughout the year. Working with the Coalition Director and the Steering Committee of CEER,
our new Communications Director will develop lasting narratives around the 8-point plan in
partnership with outside communications consultants. In addition, the Communications Director
is charged with hosting and promoting CEER’s policy objectives through at least 4-6 townhalls,
preferably coordinated with individual member organizations around various topics.

Professional Qualifications:
• The applicant should have a record of integrating community outreach in campaigns
for social change or political office
• Strong organizational abilities and demonstrated understanding of communications
frameworks for multi-month or multi-year campaigns
• Ability to manage volunteers and campaigns through experience
• Ability to help craft clear messages that explain local, state or federal decision points
to elected officials, the media and the public
• Skills to collaborate with media and understand marketing goals and assessments
• Government affairs or advocacy skills to engage with elected official and agency staff
members; a willingness to work with governmental entities as well as advocate for
changes in policy
• Strong community outreach and organizing experience through campaigns or
• Strong public speaking ability
• 2-3 years of organizing experience is required; preferably in Texas
• Solid, hands-on, artistic creation and editing skills for both print and on-line materials
is preferred but not required
• A strong understanding of the environmental and/or civil rights movements is preferred
but not required
• Fluency in Spanish is preferred but not required

Job Responsibilities:
• Create, draft and manage the community outreach plan for CEER in partnership with
outside communications consultants
• Serve as a spokesperson for CEER to the media and the public and prepare the Coalition
Director for similar opportunities
• Develop and manage volunteers and training programs
• Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and decision-makers
throughout various levels of government; utilize those relationships to enhance identified
policy initiatives or goals when needed
• Establish, coordinate, and conduct at least 4-6 town hall events
• Report to the Coalition Director and work closely with him or her and the Steering
Committee to seek their involvement in framing narratives, and publishing written
• Collaborate with volunteers, governmental entities, and a broad array of peer non-profits
and coalitions to advance CEER campaigns

Salary and Benefits
The salary range is approximately $50,000-$60,000 depending on experience. This position is
grant funded and dependent upon future fundraising after one year.

Email a cover letter describing key organizing experience and a resume to: No phone calls please.

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