Hurricane Harvey Response

GRN is very concerned about our friends, family and neighbors on the Gulf coast suffering from Harvey. All who live along the Gulf know the threat and destruction of hurricanes and feel deeply for those affected by the winds and rain of another large storm. 

We encourage you to donate to direct relief efforts. Here is a list of non-profits our staff is supporting who are already doing great work on the ground. 

GRN's Response to Harvey

Conoco Philips refinery spilling oil after Hurricane Isaac in 2012URGENT: GRN needs funds to hire pilots and planes to flyover the pollution events in Harvey's wake.  We need your help. Please consider donating so that we can continue to do this very important work. 

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Gulf Coast of Texas, the Houston Metro Area, and the Western Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Petrochemical facilities all along the coast were in the direct line of Harvey’s path. Many of these facilities are now releasing, accidentally and purposefully, a host of different chemicals into the floodwaters. Every day that passes increases the risks of explosion, pollution, and breaches in chemical security due to backup generators losing power. People who are already experiencing a major disaster are endangered further by this toxic dumping. People near these petrochemical facilities are at the greatest risk. Use our map to see where those hot spots are. 

It is vitally important that we document these instances of pollution as they happen. In order to do so, Gulf Restoration Network is hard at work securing flyovers to document any pollution and report it to the Coast Guard. Should someone become severely ill, or should a town want to hold a corporation responsible for cleaning up its illegal dumps, any future action, will depend upon documentation right now.

If you’re on the ground in Texas/Louisiana, please report oil and chemical spills to the local authorities or to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

    LONG TERM: As residents begin to recover from Harvey's damage, GRN will be there with our expertise on building wetlands as storm protection, oil and gas accountability through disaster recovery, and sustainable rebuilding. We learned many lessons through the             rebuilding efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi after huricanes Katrina and Rita. With that knowledge, we can help Houston and other impacted cities recover faster and stronger.


GRN will continue protecting wetlands all along the Gulf coast. Wetlands, the original green infrastructure, are our best protection from storm surge and flooding.