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Job Title: Interim Executive Director, Healthy Gulf

Reports to: Board of Directors, through regular meetings with the Board Chair and/or the Transition Team.  

Supervises: Healthy Gulf’s Management Team, including the Campaign Director, Communications Director, Senior Policy Director and Healthy Gulf’s Director of Operations

Salary: $110,000 – $135,000 annual salary prorated to hours worked, plus benefits

Classification: This position is a part-time (0.60 to 0.75 FTE), temporary ( 8-12 months) staff position. The position includes PTO, holidays, and sick leave, among other benefits.

Location: Flexible within Eastern North America, but requires significant travel to New Orleans to work with staff

Status: Part-time employee

Timeline: This job will be posted until filled, the target start date of November 1, 2022

Vision: The healthy Gulf of Mexico returned to its former splendor that supports a thriving ecosystem that includes the Gulf’s natural resources and just as importantly, the people, communities and cultures that depend on those resources.

Mission: Healthy Gulf’s purpose is to collaborate with and serve communities who love the Gulf of Mexico by providing research, communications, and coalition-building tools needed to reverse the long pattern of over-exploitation of the Gulf’s natural resources.

Values: The following core beliefs inspire and guide the Healthy Gulf’s work, its operation and how staff and board deal with people with whom we interact.

  • Environmental Health: We believe that supporting the environmental health and ecosystem richness of the Gulf and bordering coastal zones is necessary to secure the quality of life, sense of place, economic vitality and social justice within all Gulf communities.
  • Inclusion/Inclusiveness: We believe in the importance of embracing diversity, inclusion, and equity in deep and transformative ways. We aspire to:
    • Create a welcoming and inclusive work environment;
    • Be inclusive in the way we engage with partners, affected communities, and the public; 
    • Model our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in all that we do.
  • Self-determination: We believe that it is important that communities and individuals have the power to make decisions, have the right to choose what they will do and with whom they will do it, and otherwise be in control of their community. Healthy Gulf recognizes that self-determination results from greater political and economic equity in all communities, so we stand in solidarity with broader movements that struggle for equality.
  • Independence: We believe that ensuring that we remain a strong, independent organization is essential to our ability to speak truth to power, stand up for underrepresented people and communities and otherwise address major environmental problems in our region. Accordingly, Healthy Gulf does not accept donations from major industries or polluters, does not agree to accept donations intended to limit the scope or nature of our work, and otherwise defends nonprofits’ fundamental right to advocate and lobby for their constituents and causes. 
  • Transparency: We believe that we have a responsibility to our members, donors, and partners to be a transparent organization. We will provide relevant and reliable information about our partnerships, our financial position, and our performance as an organization while honoring legally protected information. 
  • Dignity and Respect: We believe that Healthy Gulf staff, board, partners, members, supporters and people, in general, have the right to be treated with dignity and to be respected as a whole person, with due regard for their feelings, wishes, rights, religion or traditions.
  • Responsiveness: We believe in the importance of responding to urgent issues that arise often unexpectedly, that threaten our environment and communities. As a small, regional organization, we have the ability to act swiftly and decisively in handling an urgent issue
  • Safety and Health: We believe that the health and safety of our staff, board, colleagues, and communities is an important value. We aspire to create a safe and healthy workplace where safety and health are valued along with productivity, quality, and pay.
  • Collaboration: We believe in the value of working with others and achieving together what may not be possible alone. We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit and strategy to all that we do as individuals and as an organization, learning from the insights and leadership of others openly what others may be able to learn from 

Healthy Gulf’s Vision for Impact: By 2025 as a result of our current strategic plan Healthy Gulf will have: 

  • Operationalized our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work 
  • Increased and strengthened strategic Gulf-wide partnerships with Environmental Justice and Climate Justice coalitions 
  • Supported a just transition by reducing the impacts of the petrochemical industry, pollution and wetlands loss, protecting our coastal communities, and providing a positive vision for how Gulf communities equitably adapt to and fight climate change
  • Diversified funding, ensuring support for (1) existing priorities, (2) responding to emerging threats

Overview of Strategic Directions: This strategic plan outlines the work of Healthy Gulf over the next five years into the following 3 Strategic Directions:

  1. Support and where possible accelerate a Just Transition for Gulf Communities
  2. Strengthen the organization 
  3. Embed racial equity & other diversity, equity & inclusion approaches across the organization

Interim Executive Director Purpose: The Interim Executive Director (Interim ED) is the temporary Executive Director while the organization finds a permanent replacement.  The primary goal of the Interim ED is to put the organization in an ideal condition to attract a permanent ED.  The Interim ED is the ultimate internal decision-maker on operational decisions, consulting with the Management Team in consideration of the institutional memory and knowledge they hold, and checking with the Board of Directors on any decision with large policy implications for Healthy Gulf. The Interim ED will work closely with the Board of Directors to support and facilitate effective oversight and direction setting.

The Interim ED will be a manager, coach, guide and partner in problem solving the major work that is being led by the staff, and especially the management team.

The Interim ED will primarily serve an internal-facing role within Healthy Gulf and will not have a significant role in strategic external communications or partnerships.  The Interim ED will support members of the Management Team in ensuring externally-facing duties are fulfilled. There are no fundraising duties on the part of this position.

Primary Responsibilities: During the interim period, the following priority areas will require the Interim EDs attention. 

Secure Permanent Healthy Gulf Leadership

  • Direct the hiring process to install Healthy Gulfs future leadership. This includes working with Healthy Gulf board member, Management Team, and outside advisors to explore a variety to organizational leadership models and determine the best approach for structuring Healthy Gulf’s future leadership (i.e. Managing Director, Executive Director, shared leadership model, etc.)
  • Determine the search and hiring process, which may include working with a search firm. Serve as point person for all related logistics and ensure that a cross-sectional team of staff and board are engaged in the process. 
  1. Healthy Gulf Culture
  • Support internal culture and healing work with a focus on racial equity, addressing anti-black racism
  • Work with staff to identify needs and secure consultants to design and implement processes for reflecting, hearing and repair.  Lead the implementation of actionable items that result from that effort
  • Engage with the Board of Directors to help set direction, provide support and ensure accountability
  • Foster staff morale through the leadership transition to ensure staff retention and build staff readiness to partner with Healthy Gulf’s future leadership. Facilitate relationship building between staff and board
  1. Healthy Gulf Human Resources and Organizational Policies
  • Lead process to conduct a holistic view of Health Gulf organizational policies in collaboration with board and a cross-sectional staff team, to ensure they are in better alignment with Healthy Gulf’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusions,
  • Identify, draft, and operationalize internal policies in need for development or updating

    Staff Management and Support

  •  Supervise and coach members of the Management Team, including setting individual performance expectations and providing feedback and support, with a priority of retaining and motivating top quality staff
  •  Encourage professional development, staff development and training
  •  Work with Management Team members to develop staff meeting and retreat agendas and support their shared facilitation
  •  Create an atmosphere of trust and openness and a set of processes and procedures that will allow all staff to engage in the succession process
  •  Serve as a thought partner and resources to senior leaders in their realms of responsibility, including on issues related to the management of their teams
  • Support member of the Management Team in recruiting and hiring new staff to support Healthy Gulf’s operations.
    Financial Management
  • Manage audit and filing of 990 tax forms, ensuring nonprofit status/compliance, with assistance from Operations Director and Board Treasurer
  • Track Healthy Gulf budget and lead mid-year budget update/review
  • Support Management Team members to manage and track their own programmatic budgets
    Board of Directors Support
  • Keep Board fully informed and engaged through regular status updates
  • Other duties may be assigned.

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