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December 2007
50 groups call for end to gulf overfishing
Sanctuary of the season: Islands in the stream?
Reef fish management update
Red Snapper update

September 2007
New Magnuson needs action!
Sanctuary of the season: Everglades National Park
Reef Fish management update

June 2007
Red Gag Grouper Assesment Re-Do
Sanctuary of the Season: Alligator Harbor Reserve
Commercial Grouper Closure
What’S Magnuson Mean To You?

March 2007
Nation's Fish Law a Keeper; Red Snapper Solutions Short and Long Term plans needed; Off-shore Fish Farms- Coming to Your Favorite Waters; Flower Garden Banks Update; Reef Fish Management Update; NMFS Grouper Forum A Success;Sanctuary of the Season: Madison Swanson.

December 2006
A Green Light on Red Snapper?; Globe's Commerical Fish Stocks May Collapse by 2048, Study Says; Goliath Grouper - a Big Issue; Gulf Groups, Management Staff Pull Back Curtain; Sanctuary of the Season: Florida Keys.

September 2006
Red Snapper Needs You!; Fish Populations Continue to Decline; Council Acknowledges Gag Grouper Overexploited; Senate Muddies Gulf Waters; Sanctuary of the Season: Flower Garden Banks.

June 2006
Greater amberjack overexploited and depleted in Gulf; New report shows Gulf remains plagued by wasteful bycatch; Southeast bycatch workshop review; Red grouper update; Gulf council behind - fish pay price; Take action for sustainable fisheries in the House- Pombo's rollbacks must be mended; Fish of the Season: Gray triggerfish.

March 2006
Red snapper management continues to stall; Alabama fishing rodeo highlights mercury risks; Rebuilding recreational and commercial fishing in the Gulf; Offshore aquaculture update; Take action for strong sustainable fisheries act in the Senate; Fish of the Season: Greater Amberjack.

December 2005
Extreme hurricane season pounds gulf fisheries; Gulf Council year-end review; Congress holds hearing on fishing hurricane impacts; Commerce committee moves to strengthen Magnuson-Stevens Act; Hurricane rebuilding action alert.

September 2005
(unpublished due to Katrina) Litigation prompts new restrictions on red snapper fishing; Louisiana's largest mercury polluter adopts mercury-free process; An open letter to recreational fishermen; Take action to prevent oceans from overfishing; Fish of the Season: Greater Amberjack.

June 2005
Gulf Council takes action to cap fleet size and collect better information in federal shrimp fishery; ESA listing urged as corals decline; Congressional response to ocean policy report; Fish farming in the Gulf; Red Snapper update; Fish of the Season: Goliath Grouper.

March 2005
GRN launches "Every Fish Counts" campaign; President Bush responds to Ocean Commission report; NMFS trickery in approval of red snapper plan; Greater Amberjack is undergoing overfishing; Gulf Council approves EFH amendment; Fish of the Season: Warsaw Grouper.

December 2004
U.S. Ocean Commission releases final report; GRN introduces new Fisheries Campaign Director Aaron Viles; Update on Vermilion Snapper; Florida Fish and Wildlife proposes federal rules for state waters; Gulf Council prepares aquaculture EIS; Ocean Conservancy files suit against NMFS; Fish of the Season: Gag Grouper.

September 2004
Stores are mislabeling fish as red snapper; Gulf Council considers moratorium on shrimp permits; new COOL campaign from the National Environmental Trust; legislation to reform fisheries management introduced in the House of Representatives; Smart Gear competition rewards inventions that reduce bycatch; Fish of the Season: Red Snapper.

June 2004
U.S. Ocean Commission calls for change; Deep water grouper at risk; Fish of the Season: Speckled Hind.

March 2004
The possibilities for marine reserves; NMFS and Gulf Council begin new SEDAR process; upcoming issues for the Gulf Council; Texas diver speaks out; Fish of the Season: Nassau Grouper.

December 2003
A look ahead to 2004; new red grouper plan; red grouper facts; underwater gardens in the Gulf; vermilion snapper update.

September 2003
The Gulf Council’s continuation of two Florida marine reserves, the endangered smalltooth sawfish, continued bycatch problems in the Gulf of Mexico, and the presence of the deep coral Lophelia in the Gulf; and an update on the EIS for essential fish habitat; Fish of the Season: Smalltooth Sawfish.

June 2003
The Pew Ocean Commission’s report on the crisis facing America’s oceans, the lack of reasonable alternatives for minimizing fishing impacts in the Essential Fish Habitat Environmental Impact Statement, and the Gulf Council’s management of red grouper; an update on the marine reserve continuation; and a section on how NEPA law works; Fish of the Season: Red Grouper.

March 2003
A greeting from the new editor and Director of Fisheries, Sallie E. Davis; Fish of the Season: the Vermilion Snapper; Happenings relevant to Sustainable Fisheries; an introduction to the laws relevant to marine fish; key definitions; a story on gag grouper protection areas; update on the December 2002 Reef Fish Action Alert.

December 2002
Key fish conservation issues for 2003, reef fish rebuilding plans, analyzing and reducing bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico, and assessing and reducing threats to the Gulf in 2003.

September 2002
Plan to return red grouper to a healthy level, the rejection of a proposed plan to return red snapper to a healthy level in 32 years, activities in the United States Congress threatening the Gulf's fish species, and a new National Research Council report on the impacts of fishing gears on seafloor habitats.

June 2002
The state of our nation's fisheries for 2001, the proposed red grouper rebuilding plan, and new declarations from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to reduce and assess bycatch in the shrimp fishery.

March 2002
Needed protections for red grouper delayed; deadline missed for Greater Amberjack rebuilding plan; the failure to adequately assess bycatch in the Gulf region; and Gulf Council inaction on formulating protections for vermilion snapper and gray triggerfish.

December 2001
Deepwater groupers; gray triggerfish, vermilion snapper poised to join list of overfished species in the Gulf region; the role of the National Environmental Policy Act in managing Gulf fisheries; and the status of reef fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico.

October 2001
The five year anniversary of the Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996 and what it has meant for the Gulf of Mexico.

June 2001
Proposed red grouper rebuilding plan, Gulf Council reassessment of threats to fishery habitats, Reserve areas to protect gag grouper compromised by a recent Coastal Conservation Association lawsuit, Texas Shrimp Association petition to reduce red snapper catches, consideration of "bycatch quotas" in the Gulf shrimp fishery, and joint efforts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Geographic Society to explore reef communities in the Gulf of Mexico.

March 2001
The National Marine Fisheries Service's 2001 Report Assessing the Status of Our Nation's Fisheries, Gulf Council approval of a red snapper rebuilding plan and permits for the shrimp fishery, and recent activities focusing on the impacts of fishing gear on Gulf habitats.

December 2000
Permits proposed in the shrimp fishery, Gulf Council consideration of the red snapper rebuilding plan, marine fish species identified by the American Fisheries Society as at risk of extinction in the Gulf of Mexico, and the overfished status of red grouper and greater amberjack.

September 2000
Proposed red snapper rebuilding plan, proposed permits in the shrimp fishery, grouper management, and new shrimp regulations in Texas.

July 2000
Proposed red snapper rebuilding plan, new rebuilding information for grouper, Gulf Council decision on the proposed Dry Tortugas ecological reserve in the Florida Keys, reduction in king mackerel catch levels for the upcoming year, and reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

April 2000
Grouper management, king mackerel, the proposed Tortugas ecological reserve in the Florida Keys, and gag grouper.

December 1999
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council compliance with the Sustainable Fisheries Act, red snapper, Gulf fisheries issues in 2000, and the efforts to gut fishery habitat laws in Congress.

October 1999
Red snapper, red grouper, marine reserves, and red drum.

July 1999
Proposed gag grouper regulations, NMFS efforts in protecting fishery habitat in the Gulf, marine reserves, red snapper, and king mackerel.

March 1999
Proposal by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Fisheries Act, issuance of MISSING THE BOAT (a critique of Council compliance with the Sustainable Fisheries Act), red snapper, vessel monitoring systems, and gag grouper.

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