Voices over the Airwaves Internship (New Orleans-Based)


GRN seeks to broadcast the knowledge and unique perspectives of Gulf Coast residents, even directly over the airwaves! We need your help to develop and maintain relationships with non-commerical radio and online podcasts that elevate the voices of the Gulf Coast. If you have podcasting or blogging experience, the Gulf needs you.

Learn more about an older, but typical radio project here.

The Voices over the Airwaves intern will work closely with staff to produce 3-5 minute audio pieces that elevate the voices of GRN members and allies, from the Gulf Future Salons, recent Government hearings, and one on one interviews.

Internships require a 10-hour per week commitment.  Positions are unpaid.  Academic credit is available.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to Scott Eustis at scott@healthygulf.org.