It’s Time to Restore the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River influences the Gulf and the United States in more ways you can imagine. More than 18 million people in 50 cities get their drinking water from the Mississippi, The Mississippi is a migration “flyway” for 325 bird species and provides habitat for more than 780 animal species, and the Mississippi supports 1.3 million jobs and provides $400 billion in ecosystem services annually.

Unfortunately, habitat is being degraded, new sources of water contamination go unchecked, precious wetlands are drained and lost, and flood damages are escalating. The threats are so severe that our beloved Mississippi River was named the #6 Most Endangered River of 2022 by American Rivers. We must give our mighty Mississippi the care and protection it needs. Tell your representatives in the House and Senate to support the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Act (MRRRI) – House Bill 4202!

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