Hold the Oil Industry Accountable

Monitor, document, resist, and reduce the impacts of the petrochemical industry

We hold them accountable in 4 main ways:

  • Monitor and report oil industry impacts
  • Protect Gulf communities 
  • Fight for a Green New Deal
  • Protect the Eastern Gulf Drilling Moratorium

These principles are put into action through our campaigns. Keep scrolling to find out how you can get involved and make a difference or learn more about how we work.


Our Work

Monitor and report oil industry impacts 

Localized street flooding during storm event in NOLA.
  • We set up regular fly-overs to monitor industrial areas, especially after major weather events and disasters. 
  • We use mapping technology to expose damages from industry in the Gulf region.
  • We monitor and provide testimony on air, land and water permits for state and federal regulators.  
  • We engage in public hearings at the Parish, state and federal level to oppose polluters and their construction and expansions

Protect Gulf communities 

  • We fight against petrochemical expansion that threatens the wetlands, ecosystems, and communities of Louisiana and Texas.
  • We pressure federal and state permitting agencies – leaning on our technical experience as well as our large list of members and supporters – to prevent industrial development that destroys wetlands and leads to human harm.
  • We organize with frontline communities who are directly impacted by oil, gas and petrochemical buildout to resist the impact of these industries.
  • We advocate for stronger safeguards that protect workers, Gulf communities, and the environment from harm at the hand of the oil and gas industry.

Fight for a Green New Deal

  • Act as an anchor organization for Gulf South for a Green New Deal, a multi-state effort to address the impact of the global climate crisis on some of the most unique frontline communities in the US. 
  • We host the Gulf Gathering, where climate leaders from across the Gulf South convene to build strategies for the year ahead.

Protect the Eastern Gulf Drilling Moratorium 

  • Work with partners to ensure the Eastern Gulf of Mexico remains free from the destructive impacts of oil and gas exploration and development.
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