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Because the Gulf needs an Independent Watchdog

In order to remain fiercely independent in our work, we have a strict policy against taking money from any funders who present a conflict of interest, including, but not limited to: polluting industries and (most) governmental grants. Instead we rely on an independent network of small foundations and individual donors like you.

Members Make it Possible

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Healthy Gulf members have protected over 300,000 acres of wetlands in Gulf States in the past 10 years.

Healthy Gulf reviews and comments on permits for wetland destruction, emphasizing environmental justice and frontline communities and ensuring that impacts to coastal and floodplain wetlands are avoided or minimized.

Healthy Gulf members fight for Endangered Species Act protections for Gulf wildlife.

Recent species that we’ve won protections for include the Rice’s whale, Pascagoula & Pearl River map turtles, the Eastern black rail, and flatwood salamanders.

Since April of 2019, 700,000 gallons of oil have been collected that would otherwise be contaminating the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of pressure from Healthy Gulf members like you, the 15-year Taylor Energy oil spill is finally being contained after the U.S. Coast Guard federalized the response and began capturing the oil.

Healthy Gulf members fight single use plastics—from production in Gulf communities to pollution in rivers and the Gulf.

Due to public pressure from Healthy Gulf members and partners, the Army Corps withdrew a permit and ordered a full environmental review of the controversial single-use Formosa Plastics’ mega complex that would have doubled toxic air emissions in the heart of Cancer Alley and polluted the Mississippi River and its tributaries with plastic nurdles (pictured).

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