1 Day Until Voodoo!

I’ll admit it, I’m excited. But don’t tell my boss.For the 5th year, GRN is the official, non-profit partner of the Voodoo Experience, a huge music festival taking place Friday-Sunday in NOLA’s City Park. 5 stages, over 100 bands, and thanks to the hard work of GRN staff and volunteers:Kral oyunlar kral oyun Oyunlar oyun – En kral oyunlar1 giydirme oyunları giysi oyunlarI oyunlar1 kral oyun kral oyun kral oyun araba oyunları – giydirme oyunları kral oyun mario oyunları savaş oyunları çocuk oyunlarıA wetlands installation demonstrating the plants and principles of our “Coastal Lines of Defense.” Barrier islands, marshes and cypress swamps.An army of canvassers working hard to sign up new sustaining GRN members from the legion of music fans, helping amplify our unified voice to protect and restore the Gulf.A movie tent, showing GRN’s Defend the Gulf video series of short films detailing the impacts of the BP drilling disasterA chance to pick up a super-cool BirdProject soap.A photobooth that will let you take a picture with an aligator, a nutria or a sign showing your support for the Gulf (and then upload your pictures to Facebook).Behind the scenes we’ll have:A table behind the WWOZ stage, distributing gift bags to performing musicians who want to help the Gulf (the bags include our cool new Klean Kanteen waterbottle (join as a member if you want one!) and products from our partners Aveda, David Peck Collection, Defend New Orleans and Dirty Coast. Playing Voodoo? Make sure to come by and see Ayn!Saturday morning we’ll be taking a few perfomers down to Grand Bayou Village in lower Plaquemines Parish to show them that the oil is still in the marsh, and introduce them to our friends with the Atakapa-Ishak tribe whose traditional way of life is still reeling from the BP disaster, and the ongoing loss of our coastal wetlands.A press conference with musicians and supporters voicing their support for more action for the Gulf.Phew. So it’s a lot of pieces, a lot of moving parts, but it’s also a HUGE opportunity to really increase the amount of engaged supporters helping us defend the Gulf.The 5 year partnership with Rehage Entertainment, Voodoo’s producers, is also notable. They work with us because they care about the coast. Beyond the fantastic unlimited access they give us on the Festival weekend, they’re also always there with tickets for fundraising, or outreach efforts, and they pulled together the Gulf Aid concert because they knew the BP disaster was big, and needed a big response for the Gulf.Truthfully, Voodoo is also my favorite NOLA music festival. Check out the 5 acts I’m most excited to see over here at the Voodoo blog.I know it has the reputation as the “Alternative music” festival, because of Voodoo’s track record of headliners like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and this year’s Soundgarden, Blink 182 and the Raconteurs. I think of Voodoo as a gateway drug for NOLA music. They’ve got a few stages that primarily feature New Orleans acts. While you’re waiting for Blink 182 or Snoop, you might go check out Treme Brass Band at Preservation Hall or Soul Rebels over on the WWOZ stage, and have your universe expanded. I remember the first time I saw a brass band at the Maple Leaf (yes, on Tuesday night) and it blew my mind! I think it’s safe to say that whole lot of New Orleans music fans are going to be created this Halloween weekend.It’s my job to make sure a whole lot of them also learn that without our coast, without our wetlands, there’s no New Orleans music, no New Orleans, no Voodoo. Just don’t tell my boss it doesn’t really feel like a job.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Deputy Director, which apparently means he gets to work with mucisians and hang around music festivals. Follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/GulfAaron.

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