10 Reasons to Give on GiveNOLA Day!

Today is GiveNOLA Day!

Because of individual members and supporters like you, Healthy Gulf (formerly Gulf Restoration Network) has been able to accomplish so much over the past 25 years. This past year, we have shared many victories with our members, partners and donors.  

Below are 10 good reasons to give to Healthy Gulf today on GiveNOLA Day.

  1. Taylor Energy’s 14 year ongoing oil spill is now being cleaned up by the U.S. Coast Guard after Healthy Gulf’s diligent reporting of the issue for almost 10 years.
  2. When the Mayor of Grand Isle attempted to put a airport in a wildlife refuge, Healthy Gulf spoke out against the project and alerted the media, causing the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to say NO to the airport.
  3. Because of Healthy Gulf members’ overwhelming support, 23 deep-sea coral sites totalling 302,609 acres were named as Habitat Areas of Special Concern giving them considerable protections.
  4. After Healthy Gulf filed a lawsuit, the federal government listed the Gulf of Mexico whale as endangered, providing much needed protection for this species. This subspecies of the Bryde’s whale is only found in the Gulf of Mexico, and scientists estimate that 22% of their population was decimated by the BP drilling disaster.
  5. Healthy Gulf acts as a watchdog for Louisiana by monitoring industrial activity and pollution by land, air and sea. As a result of our overflights, we have reported several major spills, leading to cleanup and fines.
  6. Working with members and community partners across New Orleans, Healthy Gulf’s Flood Less New Orleans campaign has been advocating for green infrastructure to prevent flooding.
  7. Because of support from members like you, Healthy Gulf is able to review and comment on wetland destruction permits in the state of Louisiana and fight for the protection of wetlands across the state.
  8. Just this weekend, Healthy Gulf blew the whistle on a nefarious land deal with the Port of Plaquemines purchasing property for Plaquemine’s Liquids Terminal, LLC, a private company, which could take away tax dollars for the local school board and sheriff.
  9. Healthy Gulf’s organizing and outreach efforts led to 13 resolutions against the damming of the Pearl River by downstream governments in Mississippi and Louisiana.
  10. Healthy Gulf’s large network of members who are chefs and small-boat fishers came together to help fight off two very bad bills targeting the nation’s landmark fisheries legislation, the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

Today is the perfect time to give! With GiveNOLA Day’s Lagniappe Fund, your donation goes even further. So, head on over to https://www.givenola.org/healthygulf and schedule your gift before midnight!

Thank you for all of your support. We truly couldn’t do this work without the generosity of members like you.

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