2014 Annual Report

Here it is – we finished the 2014 Annual Report and we could not be more pleased. Although GRN got a little behind on our reporting over these busy past years, we finally caught up.Take a look at the 2014 Annual Report and reflect with us on an exciting year working to protect and restore the Gulf of Mexico.In the report, GRN looks back on the last two decades and celebrates the achievements made in our 20th year – we had some significant victories in 2014. We saw big wins in the Coast Not Coal campaign after communities across Louisiana came together to protect their coast and livelihoods from toxic coal export terminals.And, after years of organizing, we won protections for the threatened bluefin tuna against surface longline fishing. In addition to this win, GRN committed to ensuring that Gulf fishermen have the resources they need to transition to more sustainable fishing gear – working to turn a “win” into a “win/win” .Throughout 2014, we worked with our partners in the 12 Miles South Coalition to protect Mississippi’s coast from oil & gas activities, and we continued efforts to achieve full restoration of Gulf communities and the environment impacted by the BP drilling disaster.In our report, you will also find testimony from a founding board-member, great photos of the Gulf Coast & GRN supporters, more programmatic achievements and a breakdown of financial highlights. Take a look!

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