A Flood Less New Orleans

Over the past few years,we have seen how important storm water management is to our city, our waters, and the wetlands that surround us. Currently, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) is requesting public comments on the Greater New Orleans storm water permit. Pollution and storm water runoff knows no bounds and can impact surronding cities and parishes as well. Please take a minute totell LDEQ that we need a strong permitto help us on our way to a Flood Less New Orleans Region.Not only does LDEQ need to hear that this permit has to be more protective and require concrete goals in reducing polluted runoff in the city, they should hold a public hearing so they can hear directly from you. As of now, they have denied GRN’s request for this hearing, but if you want to speak up for better controls on our flood water,let them know now!Now is the time to get LDEQ and the state to step up and hold storm water dischargers accountable for better managing their water and pollution.http://grn.convio.net/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&id=521Matt Rota is GRN’s Science and Water Policy Director

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