A new remembrance date

As the one year memorial of the BP oil drilling disaster approaches, the oil is still impacting life in the Gulf and GRN continues to work to hold BP accountable. Help us make a statement in support of Gulf recovery on the memorial. Dirty Coast is selling this new t-shirt design for a limited time only–April 8 to 15. The clever design reminds us of the simple fact that BP’s crude and corexit are still affecting our Gulf, our coast, and our communities in ways that BP’s ads don’t admit. Get your tee now and wear it on April 20. Proceeds go to GRN.In addition to taking action and making donations, another way to support GRN’s work is to purchase great products that are contributing proceeds to GRN’s work for a healthy Gulf of Mexico.See our website for a long list with tees, music, jewelry, soap, books, art, hats, bags, and other unique items that make perfect gifts and represent your support of Gulf recovery throughout the year. Support them, and their donations to GRN will help us continue our work. healthygulf.org/supportEir Danielson is GRN’s Development Director

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