Beautiful Candlelight Vigil to Mark One Month of BP’s Oil Drilling Disaster

Last night, over 100 people gathered in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a candlelight vigil organized by GRN to mark one month since the start of BP’s oil drilling disaster. A huge thank you to everyone who made it out!The explosion on April 20,2010 that claimed 11 workers’ lives has now become the largest environmental disaster in US history. With current estimates of 3 million gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf every day, the total volume of oil is now almost 8 times the amount spilled by the Exxon Valdez.The amazing turnout for an event that was announced only twelve hours earlier shows that the public is still watching and is still outraged at BP’s and the federal government’s response. Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks especially to Sunshine and Julie for organizing help and the amazing banner. The posters and presence from GRN’s Summer Campaign Outreach office were great. Thanks to Aaron Viles, GRN Campaign Director, and Mariko Toyoji, Louisiana Bucket Brigade Research Associate, for coming out to speak and to Scott Eustis, Natalie, and others who also spent time at the mic (or more precisely, the bullhorn). And thanks to Chris Lane for some great photos.

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