Bird’s Eye View: BP Can’t Hide This

Yesterday, December 2, 2010 I took another trip to the Gulf to ground truth claims made by BP. It was my third trip in less than two weeks. Once again, I was disappointed that no clean-up crews were to be found on the beaches near Bay Ronquille. I did find the usual huge mats of oil, polluted tidal pools, dying and dead mangrove, and dead birds. See for yourself:On this day I also revisited some areas in and around Barataria. There wasn’t much going on with the exception of some shrimp trawling in the heavily impacted Barataria Bay. There was one crew in Bay Jimmy working today, but other than that the entire area from Bay Jimmy to the Gulf seemed abandoned. I wonder how many employees BP has working around the clock on other drilling operations throughout the world?Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN

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