Bird’s-Eye View: GRN Shows Supporters Pelicans, Oil

Yesterday, November 11, GRN set out on another excursion to assess impacts and clean-up efforts along Louisiana’s coast. We are able to continue with this important work thanks to the generous support of contributors like Threadless, Inc. Threadless CEO Tom Ryan, Art Director Ross Zietz, and Multimedia Specialist Craig Shimala came down from Chicago to present the GRN with a substantial amount of money that they raised over the last 6 months by selling a t-shirt depicting an oiled pelican. Here is some of what they saw: As such, we thought it appropriate to have them on board for a trip down to the Gulf to look at the impacts first-hand, and to see, well, pelicans. Thankfully, none of the birds we saw yesterday were covered in oil. Yet, with oil washing up on a regular basis in areas such as Barataria Bay, that threat is just as real as the first day BP’s oil made land fall. GRN also educated the Threadless team on additional threats to our coast such as salt water intrusion, subsidence, dredged oil and gas canals, storm surge, and many more. We are constantly reaching out to educate people and organizations far and wide so that they, in turn, can help tell the story of Louisiana’s coastal crisis.With generous support from donors like Threadless, we will be able to keep up the fight for a healthy Gulf.Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN.

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