Bird’s Eye View: Huge Blankets Of Oil

On a recent flyover (October 3rd) along the Louisiana coast, GRN documented rather large stretches of beach blanketed by thick, heavy oil. The good news is that we were able to see some clean-up activity taking place on beaches in East Bay between South and Southwest passes. The bad news is that I’ve seen more people cleaning up New Orleans streets after a Mardi Gras parade than BP has cleaning our oiled beaches. Not even close. For example, on one stretch of beach along SW Pass in the vicinity of Burrwood Bayou, thick brown oil could be seen for miles and miles. While a handful of clean-up crews could be seen picking up tar balls and ferrying oily waste to storage containers, huge blankets of oil lay seemingly untouched, with the exception of unsuspecting birds and crabs Clearly, BP has scaled back its clean-up efforts and clearly cleaning-up stretches of remote beaches along the Gulf Coast are not a priority. Please share these photos with your friends and family, for the truth about what is really going on down here in the Gulf needs to be told. Also, check out and share this recent article by Mother Jones indicating too that BP is packing up way too early. Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN

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