Bird’s Eye View: Shocking Photos They Don’t Want You To See

The photos below are shocking and the oil and gas industry lobbyists, attorneys, and their paid-for politicians would rather you not see them. Given the evidence in these images, it is not unreasonable to fear that New Orleans as we know and love it may very well have no future. Unless we fight and fight now. The same holds true for many other beloved communities in south Louisiana. Why? Because, the armor (wetlands) protecting New Orleans and other communities has been destroyed by the oil, gas, and pipeline industries. Just take a look at the shocking photos below. The photos show undisputable recklessness, lack of care, arrogance, and unconscionable treatment by the oil and gas industry of our most critical natural storm defenses (wetlands). More importantly though, is that the photos show irrefutable legal evidence that oil, gas, and pipeline companies are directly responsible for damages.Yet, Louisiana’s very own elected officials, so-called “leaders”, including but not limited to Governor Jindal and State Senator Robert Adley, are acting as the defense team for those guilty of destroying our wetlands, and they are doing soin the state legislature of all places, not the courts. Why? Is it because Jindal has received over a million dollars in campaign donations from oil companies? Is it because Senator Adley continues to rake in his fortune from gas industry profits? Regardless of the reason, Jindal, Adley, and the industry lobbyists are doing everything they can, right now, to prevent the courts from seeing the very evidence you can see in photos.It is also worth noting that none of the opponents to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East lawsuit, including Jindal and Adley have ever publicly challenged the merits of the claims made in the Petition for Damages. Instead, the oil and gas lobby and their political puppets are seeking to illegally and unethically do away with the lawsuit by passing a retroactive bill in the legislature. What are they scared of? If they are right and the lawsuit is wrong, why not let the courts decide? Memorial Day is just around the corner. Isn’t that the system of justice that hundreds of thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives to defend?The bottom-line is that Louisiana does not have the money to rebuild the wetlands that act as our vital storm defenses, there is an insanely wealthy industry that is responsible for at least some of the damage, there is a lawsuit that has been filed in a court of law seeking justice, and politicians well-oiled (pun intended) with oil and gas money are seeking to derail that lawsuit not in the courts, but in the current legislative session. Moreover, the damages attained from this case could jump start our coastal recovery with the resources so desparately needed.So, what are YOU going to do about it? Are you going to just roll over and let the oil and gas industry and their political cronies get away with it? Or are you going to fight? If you are going to fight then the time is NOW here is what we recommend that you do:First, take a look at the sets of photos below of the destruction of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands by the oil, gas, and pipeline industires. Everywhere you see a straight line in each photo is a canal dredged by the industry. Instead of refilling these canals, the responsible parties have simply abandoned their obligations, took the money, and left:Plaquemines Parish: Bernard Parish: Parish: Parish: Parish: Parish: Mary Parish: Parish: special thanks to who has provided GRN with flights to document the damage)Now, tomorrow morning at 9 AM we are expecting a very bad bill by Senator Adley, Senate Bill 469, to be heard by the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. SB 469 seeks to kill the Flood Authority lawsuit by preventing the case from ever being heard in court. If you can, show up to the meeting at the state capitol tomorrow and tell the committee members to oppose SB 469. In the meantime, call your Representative and tell them to oppose SB 469 and to let the courts decide. You can call the House switchboard at225-342-6945and the operator will connect you with your Representative.After you have done that, also send your legislators a message by clicking here.Finally, please share this blog and these photos with your friends, families, and social networks.The days of New Orleans and many other coastal communities may be numbered. Unless, we stand up and fight for justice and protection. Please Call TODAY!!!Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN.

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