Colette Pichon-Battle


Colette Pichon-Battle is the Executive Director of Taproot Earth where she works on issues of global migration, community economic development, climate justice and equitable disaster recovery. She has prioritized working with local communities, national funders and elected officials around equity in the post-Katrina/post-BP disaster Gulf Coast. Ms. Pichon Battle was a lead coordinator for Gulf South Rising 2015, a regional initiative around climate justice and just transition in the South, and in 2016 she was named a White House Champion of Change for Climate Equity for her work with frontline communities in the US South. Colette previously worked as the Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network (Atlanta and New York City) with a mission to build a people-centered human rights movement in the US. Colette aims to connect the grassroots human rights movement to the climate movement in the United States through initiatives focused on economic, social and ecological equity.

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