BP tar balls found on Texas beaches

Last Saturday the first BP tar balls were found on Texas beaches between Sabine Pass and Galveston Island.Scientists expected BP oil to land on Texas beaches at some point, but they did not foresee the characteristic red/brown color oil that has been found on beaches closer to the blowout. After traveling nearly 400 miles, weathered, thick tar balls were expected.This development led them to speculate the oil had somehow “hitched a ride” on a ship that had been working in the oil spill.Five ships recently arrived in Texas ports from BP oil spill duty. The Coast Guard is comparing the tar ball oil to sampled taken from those ships. It is possible the oil could have stuck to the hull or been in bilge water of one of these ships.Although only about 35 gallons have been collected, local officials are concerned this may affect tourism on the upper Texas coast.

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