Can BP do the math? Can BP keep its word?

nydailynews.comBP can drill a well 25,000′ deep and steer the bit to a target the size of a basket ball over a mile away. That is impressive. But for some reason they can’t figure out how much oil is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.One would think that with BP’s vast knowledge and ability they could easily determine the amount of oil flowing from the well. Click here for a live video link from at ROV at the well head – unless BP has shut it down again.On Apr. 21, we were told by the Coast Guard the well was “leaking 13,000 gallons of sweet crude oil an hour.” Honest, Admiral Landry said, “sweet crude.” She further stated, “We do not see a major spill emanating from this incident.Simple math problem:13,000 gallons/hour X 24 hours = 312,000 gallons/dayNext, official estimates dropped to between 42,000 and 210,000 gallons per day. BP chose to use the “low-ball” number of 42,000.On May 19, BP announced the drill ship was collecting 126,000 gallons of oil and 14 million cubic feet of gas from the end of the riser. About one-half of the production is gas. BP also stated it believes about 85% of the leak is coming from the riser they are collecting. About 15% is leaking from the well head.On May 21, BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward stated, “We are committed to providing the American people with the information they need to understand the environmental impact from the spill and the response steps that have been taken.”Mr. Hayward, it is time to live up to your promise.

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