CNN on Governor Bentley’s BP-Funded Beachfront Boondoggle

Can’t see the video? Click here.CNN called a few weeks ago, after the third round of NRDA early restoration projects were announced, interested in our take on the proposals. We were happy to share our outrage. GRN has a long, proud legacy of defending the critical habitat of the endangered Alabama beach mouse from projects such as this. Additionally, we’re concerned this public/private venture will diminish the ability of average members of the public to enjoy this fantastic stretch of undeveloped beach. The use of ‘lost-use’ project dollars under the BP Natural Resource Damage Assesment for (NRDA) for a project like this is incomprehensible. If this project ultimitely gets funded by NRDA, just watch the pigs rush the trough when RESTORE money shows up.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Deputy Director. Follow him on twitter here.

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