Listen | White House, Senate Dems Oppose Torture Commission, Energy Lobbyists Tried to Debunk Global Warming Despite Own Scientists’ Findings, Activists Conclude Indigenous Climate Summit, and more. (4/24/09 Democracy Now)Interview with Allison McCrary and Aaron Viles on why they are picking on Shell Oil at Jazz Fest this year. Sound not available for this show.Allison McCrary is a 2nd year law student at Loyola College of Law, the President of Public Interest Law Group, and a local community organizer around the Wiwa v. Shell case. Ms. McCrary talked about the human rights case against Shell in US civil courts. The “Wiwa” in Wiwa v. Shell refers to Ken Saro-Wiwa, an activist, author, and leader of the Ogoni people in their battle to protect their native homelands from damaging extraction practices. Mr. Saro-Wiwa was arrested by the Nigerian government along with 8 other activists and sentenced to death by hanging which led to the sanctioning of the Nigerian government by the international community. Allison will be part of a group canvassing at this year’s Jazz Fest to raise awareness about the human rights case. For more information about the local Wiwa Campaign go here: Viles, Campaign Director for the Gulf Restoration Network talked about oil accountability and the impact that the oil industry has had on Louisiana’s wetlands. He said if you go to Jazz Fest on Saturday May 2nd, look up. There will be a plane flying over the Fest with the message “Shell-Hear the Music-Fix the Coast You Broke”. Mr. Viles said they raised enough money for two hours of fly time thanks to a video request by Dr. John.Shell Oil value statementBoth Allison and Aaron agreed that Jazz fest is great and supporting Jazz fest is a good thing. They explained that they are campaigning at the Fest because Shell is sponsoring it and will be paying close attention to the festival.Casey DeMoss Roberts is the Special Projects Coordinator at the Gulf Restoration Network and a host for the weekly talk radio show on WTUL New Orleans Community Gumbo.

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