Cruising in Mississippi on the Capt Pete

Photo by Joe TomasovskyYesterday’s “Cruising for the Coast” event, hosted by Ship Island Excursions in Gulfport, Mississippi to benefit GRN, was an absolutely lovely afternoon on the water.As GRN supporter and Mississippi artist Steve Shepard put it: “We had lots of beer, excellent food from area restaurants, an art raffle, and plenty of conversations. The dolphins were bought off by a coalition of real estate developers …but our stalwart gannets refused payoffs and showed up in considerable numbers… I could go on and on. I don’t think I’ve ever circulated so much among all the people at a party and had one good conversation after another.” With 101 people who care about a healthy Gulf onboard the Capt. Pete, you can’t go wrong. Thank you to everyone who came out to support GRN. It’s your support that enables GRN to work for healthy waters and to fight destructive projects like the Richton Salt Dome. Many attendees took the opportunity to talk to Raleigh Hoke, our Mississippi Organizer, Casey DeMoss Roberts, our Water Resources Assistant Director, and Dan Favre, our Campaign Organizer who leads GRN’s Save Our Cypress Campaign, to obtain an in-depth update about GRN campaign work.Thank you to Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company for keeping the libations flowing and to area restaurants, Salute Italian Restaurant and Brooklyn Pizza in Gulfport, and Maison de Lu and Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine in Ocean Springs, for contributing delicious hors d’oeurves.Photo by Joe TomasovskyI would like to also recognize our wonderful volunteers: Anat Belasen, Sam Kane, and Sara Warren. Anat, Sam, and Sara all worked tirelessly last summer on GRN’s outreach campaign and we are grateful for their continuing support.Finally, I would like to extend many special thanks to artists Donald Bradburn, Glenn Miller, Mary Pickard, Kathryn Ramseur, Steve Shepard, and Beth Skrmetta for contributing their stunning work; and to Cynthia Ramseur and Natural Capital Development, Melissa Johnson and South Coast Paddling Company, Elaine Stevens and IP Casino Resort & Spa, and Robert Wiygul of Waltzer & Associates for their contributions to the raffle and the event. We couldn’t have done it with our event committee: thank you Terese Collins, Stan Flint, Cynthia Ramseur, Chrissy Schuengel, Louis Skrmetta, and Robert Wiygul. And, of course, many thanks to Captain Skrmetta and the crew of the Capt. Pete!To see more great photos of the event, click here.I look forward to many more fabulous gatherings in Mississippi!Eir Danielson is GRN’s Development Director

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