Donate & Help GRN Protect Wetlands and Wildlife

We need your help as the Gulf of Mexico faces another devastating disaster. BP’s oil drilling disaster significantly threatens our environment, coastal communities, and economy. The massive oil leak continues to spew from the ocean floor with the slick growing at an alarming rate and now reaching our delicate coastal areas. For 15 years, the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) has been committed to protecting and preserving the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico. GRN has a long history of demanding oil accountability and this disaster is an unfortunate wake-up call. Donate now and help GRN continue to respond to this growing disaster.GRN staff are continually posting new information at Read it for the latest on the extent and impacts of the spill, containment, and clean up efforts including volunteer information. We have been:Assessing the situation by boat and air;Monitoring the movement of the slick as oil reaches shore;Providing science-based information about the extent and impact of the disaster, containment, and clean up efforts;Pressuring BP to remain fully engaged in clean up efforts; andCalling on constituents like you and have to date generated nearly 1,650 messages to federal officials asking for a timely and effective response to the crisis and a commitment to withdraw support for expanded drillingWe ask you to make a contribution now to allow GRN to continue our efforts. We need your vital assistance to continue. GRN will be donating 25% of funds raised to the Gulf Coast Fund to directly support affected communities.Please make a donation online now, and help us continue to monitor and respond to the disaster.Unite with us to protect the Gulf of Mexico!

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