Drilling on Mississippi’s Horizon?

Don’t see any oil or gas platforms on the horizon along Mississippi’s coast? That could change soon, unless you take action now to tell Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to reject a plan to open up state waters to drilling and production.It’s up to us to prevent the marred views of the horizon, light and noise pollution, and small and large spills that will come with the rigs.This proposal was snuck in by former Gov. Barbour and the MDA during the holidays and just days before he left office. It would allow 4-6 stories rigs and platforms within one mile of the barrier islands, directly along the coast in the far western and eastern portions of the Mississippi Sound, and within 4 to 11 miles of most coastal towns. Plus, these rigs and platforms also mean more oil and gas pipelines along the coast, more industrial ship traffic, and a greater risk for accidents like the BP disaster.That’s not good for the health of Mississippi’s coast, or thriving industries like coastal tourism that rely on it. Click below to tell your leaders to protect Mississippi’s coast and economy:http://grn.convio.net/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&id=329In 2005, a similar proposal was defeated as thousands of concerned citizens spoke out against oil and gas drilling along Mississippi’s coast. It’s time to stop them again. Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer.

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