Endangered species under attack by Trump Administration

Bald eagles, Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whales, and Louisiana black bears are just some of the species that have been protected by the Endangered Species Act. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is rolling back key protections under the Act to satisfy industry even as we are facing an extinction crisis. Take action to tell your members of Congress to block these rollbacks!

Since its passage in 1973 with bipartisan support, the Endangered Species Act has been incredibly successful at achieving its goals – preventing 99% of listed species from going extinct. But these new regulations from the Trump administration will:

  • make it much easier to remove endangered species from the list;
  • limits the agencies ability to consider long-term impacts on habitat from things like melting ice caps and rising sea levels;
  • weakens science-based decision making about listing imperiled species and designating critical habitat for their survival;
  • no longer automatically protects threatened species from killing, trapping and other forms of harm;
  • opens the door for piecemeal destruction of critical habitat.

As we face new challenges from rising seas and changing weather, now more than ever, we need the vital protections that the Endangered Species Acts provide for wildlife across the United States. Take action today to tell your members of Congress to protect our eagles, whales, bears and other imperiled wildlife!

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