Fight Florida Fracking

As Floridians guard our coastlines against drilling, Texas oil companies are quietly starting to drill for oil in our backyards using a technique known as “acid fracking.” In Collier County, east of Naples, residents are banding together to fight against the proposed Golden Gate acid fracking project in their community. Can you help them by urging the EPA to deny the injection well permit for the Golden Gate project and protect Florida families from dangerous drilling? Acid Fracking injects massive quantities of fresh water, chemicals and salt water into the layer below the aquifer that provides most of us with drinking water- dissolving this layer to free up dirty fossil fuels and threatening chemical and salt water intrusion into drinking water supplies. Our water is too precious to risk.Tell EPA to deny the injection well permit and protect Floridians from acid fracking.We need to take a stand now, before it’s too late.Over a hundred thousand acres have been leased for drilling in Collier County, and, as a recentTampa Bay Timesarticle pointed out, mining and groundwater rights have been sold under subdivisions throughout the state.Considering the relatively small amount of oil and gas reserves below our feet in Florida, the risk to our water is just not worth the “reward” for these destructive efforts. So pleasetake a moment to stand for clean, healthy waters in Florida.Cathy Harrelson is GRN’s Florida Organizer. “Home builder grabs drilling rights beneath thousands of Tampa Bay homes,”Tampa Bay Times, 8 Nov 2013.

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