According to a new study by Audubon Florida, Governor Charlie Crist is enjoying a huge approval rate for his work on climate change, which includes policies for clean cars, renewable energy, and reduction of global warming pollution. This finding might have something to do with another fact: a majority of Florida voters believe that global warming is real, caused by man, and that Florida is at risk for the impacts.Eric Draper, policy director for Audubon Florida and author of the study,was quoted as saying “The public is, one; very informed, and two; concerned, and three; they actually support the policies that have been recommended by Charlie Crist to do something about it.”As far as the rest of the Gulf, Governor Crist is the only leader willing to tackle this challenge. I am glad Audubon Florida did this research but I would like to point out that Governor Crist began the process of dealing with the climate crisis two years ago, well before he had political coverage via voter research. I hope this study and Governor Crist’s leadership will inspire other Gulf Governors to take the plunge and follow through on protecting their own states from sea level rise, stronger storms, and the miriad of other problems we are all facing if nothing is done to stop it.For more information about the study visit www.climateflorida.orgCasey DeMoss Roberts is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Gulf Restoration Network.

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