This week, GRN released its “Clean Up Your Act!” report card, which graded each of the Gulf states on how well it protects state waters. The report points out problems in state policies that fail to safeguard Gulf waters for swimming and fishing. For example, no Gulf state has numeric standards that would reduce nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in all state waters. This pollution is linked to algal blooms, fish kills, and the massive Dead Zone in the Gulf. The full report can be viewed here.”Clean Up Your Act!” assesses each state on four categories that are critical for successfully protecting our fresh and marine waters. Water quality standards Human health protections Limits on nitrogen and phosphorous pollution Encouraging and facilitating public participation in water quality policyThese categories represent the most critical areas in which states need to strengthen their efforts to protect waters.The average grade in these categories for all the states is a D+. Individual grades are as follows: Alabama: D+ Florida: D+ Louisiana: F Mississippi: D+ Texas: C-The report has caught the attention of citizens, the press, and state environmental leaders from all around the Gulf.Ellis Pickett, GRN’s Texas Organizer, was featured on air with Doug Pike on Houston’s AM 790. Guidry News of Texas posted the news of the release on its website.You can listen to Joe Murphy and Matt Rota of the GRN discuss the report card on WMNF News in Tampa, Florida. The report card made front page news in Mobile, Alabama’s Press-Register. The Advocate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana covered the story, and the Jackson Free Press in Mississippi also published an article.

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