GRN Rocks Voodoo Experience

This year’s Voodoo Music Experience was epic: KISS on Halloween, Bingo’s try for the World Record gathering of Zombies, and our Coastal Lines of Defense demo showing all Voodoo-ers what Southern Louisiana needs most if we’re to enjoy Voodoo in years to come.For the 3rd year as the official non-profit of Voodoo, GRN created barrier islands, marshes, and cypress swamps for festival goers to walk through and set up the No Coast, No Music theater.The Coastal Lines of Defense gave a clear visual of the natural storm protection that the wetlands provide for New Orleans and coastal Louisiana (more pictures here!). The No Coast, No Music Theater was a venue of compelling cultural stories and environmental documentaries. We also released our music industry letter to President Obama (available here: POTUSletter.pdf), with close to 200 perfomers, bands and music businesses sounding the call for the coast. With the help of Voodoo, Tab Benoit and his Voice of the Wetlands, Stanton Moore of Galactic, Dan Dyer, as well as Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro and filmmaker Walter Williams, we did a decent job of competing with the sounds of Widespread Panic in urging the music media in attendance to care about the coast.Our collaboration with Defend New Orleans just keeps getting more impressive. We released our second design of the popular Defend the Coast line, with a corresponding website. You should be able to get shirts there by the end of the month.GRN thanks Voodoo for its incredible support of coastal Louisiana, as well Bayou Rebirth, Charitable Film Network, Art Spot Productions, Mondo-Bizarro, and Defend New Orleans for all their collaborations that made the 2009 Voodoo Music Experience such a great event for the coast.We’ll see you next year!Aaron Viles is GRN’s Campaign Director

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