GRN Summer Outreach Office Marks Opening of Storm Season

We’re now three days into storm season and our coastal lines of defense are under attack like they never have been before. Not only is Louisiana still losing a football field of coastal wetlands every 45 minutes, but now the Gulf’s valuable natural storm defenses are being slimed. As Gulf Restoration Network independently monitors BP and the federal government’s response, GRN’s outreach advocates are hitting the streets to organizie public support to Defend the Gulf. From May to September, dedicated and passionate activists will be walking in neighborhoods throughout the Gulf, recruiting residents to help protect the Gulf by joining GRN as Gulf Sustainers through a monthly contribution. On GRN outreach advocates joined together to mark the beginning of storm season and bring attention to Louisiana’s coastal wetlands crisis and the significance of this BP drilling disaster on our coast and communities. They gathered along St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, wearing black shirts, and formed a line of “oil,” holding signs and chanting “Defend the Gulf, Restore our Coast.” People were with us we received lots of supportive honking. We need to continue to come together and make sure that BP and the federal government mobilize all resources now and address the devastating impacts that our coast, communities, and Gulf ecosystem are facing.Grace Morris is GRN’s Public Outreach Campaign Director

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