Gulf Tides: Tough Times, Tar Balls, and Tourists

As a ray of hope penetrates a mile of Gulf water to reach BP’s deepwater wellhead, the disaster approaches its three month mark. Although a cap is currently in place on BP’s well, it is clear the Gulf and our coastal communities will be dealing with the impacts of BP’s crude for years to come.For the newest episode of our ongoing YouTube series, we spend time with two of coastal Mississippi’s most impressive environmental leaders. Our cameras take a ride with Captain Louis Skrmetta out to Ship Island in the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and hear him describe his multi-generation family business that’s threatened by the BP drilling disaster. Once on the islands the tar balls are tough to look at, but the oiled pelican we found is nearly impossible to watch. We also caught up with Biloxi attorney Robert Wiygul, a member of GRN’s advisory board, and our litigator on a number of suits seeking changes to federal drilling regulations to make sure a disaster like this never happens again. Hear him describe the incredible legal response from the oil companies, and how vulnerable coastal communities are to the economic threat of BP’s disaster. The Gulf Restoration Network remains committed to bringing you authentic voices and views from the Gulf’s affected communities. This episode features great local music from acts like Benjy Davis Project, Clint Maedgen and Galactic. We are once again honored to have Academy Award-winning actor Tim Robbins narrate the series.Our call to action for this YouTube episode links to our new campaign, calling for a more transparent and effective response from the federal government. Once you’ve watched and shared Gulf Tides, please click through and send a message to Response Commander Thad Allan, President Obama and other federal leaders: It’s time for a transparent, effective response, not more BP PR!So please watch the video, and learn more about the effect of BP’s tar balls on our tourism and coastal economies. Then, please share the video with your friends, family or facebook.

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