Helen Rose is Moving On, But Still Protecting the Coast

I have worked at Gulf Restoration Network on and off since 2008. Having spent most of my early career immersed in this remarkable organization, it is bittersweet for me and my colleagues to announce that I am leaving GRN. I am thrilled to go work for the National Wildlife Federation on the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Campaign. I am sad to leave GRN and my work in Mississippi. This transition has me thinking a lot about my first days at GRN, seven years ago.It was a sticky New Orleans summer day and after a few short hours of training I was going out on my own to knock on doors, explain coastal wetland loss to complete strangers and give them the opportunity to support GRN’s work to restore coastal Louisiana. That was the day I learned that I could make a difference just by talking with people about the real issues and it marked the beginning of my life in outreach and organizing.Since then, I spent one more summer canvassing, worked with student organizers right before the BP disaster and came back to spend 10 months canvassing and managing the outreach team before landing as the Mississippi Organizer and shifting my focus to my beloved home state. In the last 3 years at GRN, I have been given the chance to take that early passion for organizing and place it in a firm foundation of skills. I have fought offshore drilling and championed coastal restoration. I have spoken at public meetings and had lengthy face to face conversations with decision makers. I have been on more conference calls than you can imagine. Now the time has come for me to take all of the things I have learned and apply them to work in my new home, New Orleans.I will be working as the Greater New Orleans Outreach Coordinator. This is an opportunity to stretch my legs, hone my skills and gain some new experience with a different organization working on very similar issues. GRN gave me the expertise I need to make this leap and for that, I am forever grateful. I remain committed to GRN and its amazing staff as we move forward in solidarity for a healthy Gulf.

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