Help Defend the Wetlands that Defend NOLA & St. Bernard Parish

Last week, several of our supporters came out to a hearing in New Orleans to show their support in stopping the construction of an industrial park that would destroy 57 acres of wetlands along the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO). Now, the City of New Orleans is coming close in deciding whether or not to permit this wetland destruction, and we need still need our supporters to speak out for our wetlands!Local communities, along with state and federal partners, have worked too hard to get the MRGO closed to allow this unnecessary destruction. Wetlands situated between communities and the Gulf must be restored to their former glory, not paved over for an ill-conceived industrial park that would just be in harm’s way.Please take a moment to send a message to the City of New Orleans and tell them to not allow the destruction of wetlands in an area so vital to the storm protection of New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.You can take action by going to this website Rota is the Water Resources Program Director for GRN

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