Here’s a great editorial from the Biloxi Sun Herald, underscoring the concerns of the Save the Bait coalition. I hope that a few key commissioners pay attention to their request for a little intellectual curiosity towards this ecosystem keystone for a healthy Mississippi Sound.From the editorial: Dr. Vernon Asper, who chairs the commission, has said he agrees more study needs to be done, but he typically doesn’t vote under the commission’s rules unless there is a tie. On this issue, he should.He should be joined by commission member Shelby Drummond, who represents recreational fishermen. Drummond has said he is willing “to go along with the science,” so he should support a scientific study of the situation.At least two pressing questions must be answered:1. Are so many menhaden being caught that it could wreck the food supply for other fish that eat them?2. Are the nets used to catch menhaden pulling up too many other species as bycatch?These are legitimate issues and the commission does not appear to have reliable information to satisfy those concerned about either one.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Campaign Director

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