Jack Johnson and GRN: all at once to the sea and for the Gulf

The Gulf Restoration Network has teamed up with Jack Johnson on his 2010 To The Sea tour and All At Once, a social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community. All At Once comes to life online at www.AllAtOnce.org and at every Jack Johnson concert in the Village Green, a collection of interactive booths where you can get educated, get inspired, and connect face-to-face with local and national non-profits making a difference. The Gulf Future campaign (www.GulfFuture.org) had the wonderful opportunity to participate in two of these Village Greens, one in Texas, and one in Florida. Gulf Future volunteers met Jack Johnson and had their picture taken with him (here you can see Darden – GRN’s Florida Campaign Director – and awesome volunteer Britten, with Jack)!Here are some ways that you can also help:Become a member of All At Once! Visit www.AllAtOnce.org to check out what you can do before, during, and after the show to get involved.Help GRN raise funds!Jack Johnson’s new charity is matching every dollar contributed to us at the show or directly to our organization. Please make a contribution at www.HealthyGulf.org/give right now and your money will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation! Be sure to type “Jack Johnson” in the “Name of GRN representative” field so that we can tell the Foundation about your contribution and receive their match.Watch our latest Gulf Tides episode, “Oiled Water, Oiled Waste”, at www.AllAtOnce.org/explore and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation will donate $1 per complete viewing of the video online.The Gulf Restoration Network and Gulf Future wish to thank the Johnson Ohana Foundation, All At Once, and all those who contributed because of Jack Johnson’s To The Sea tour. Due to continuing support and exposure, we can continue to fight for the Gulf’s recovery, and for the future of the Gulf’s communities, in the wake of BP’s oil drilling disaster.Special thanks to our volunteers who represented Gulf Future at Jack Johnson’s shows this summer!

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