Join Me in Supporting Gulf Tides: Monitoring BP’s Drilling Disaster

Last week, I had the opportunity to fly over coastal Louisiana with Gulf Restoration Network. I was horrified to witness the approaching brown globs of death that threaten the pelicans and other wildlife in the area. Coastal communities that harvest 30% of the nation’s seafood, and provide the shrimp, oysters, and crabs New Orleans is famous for, are also threatened by BP’s oil drilling disaster.I’m outraged that BP is calling the shots for cleaning up their own mess, and it has become clear that they are either incapable or unwilling to do what’s best for the Gulf, its wildlife, and its people.That’s why I’m working with Gulf Restoration Network on their video series, Gulf Tides: Monitoring BP’s Oil Drilling Disaster, that is focused on the impacts to our coast and communities as this slow-motion disaster unfolds. I’m proud to narrate this video that gives coastal community leaders and fishermen that are fearing for their future, like Rosina Phillip of the Atapaka Tribe, an opportunity to firmly demand the truth from BP.Please take a few minutes to watch the beginning of the series, Episode 1: Fearing the Future, by checking out Gulf Restoration Network’s YouTube page: you’ve seen the video, please share it with friends and take action to defend the Gulf.Thanks,Tim Robbinsfor Gulf Restoration Networkp.s. Gulf Restoration Network is a 15-year old environmental non-profit that is exclusively dedicated to the health of the Gulf of Mexico. GRN’s independent monitoring and advocacy are critical to efforts to respond to this crisis. Please consider joining me in making a generous contribution to their work.

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