Margo Pellegrino is a paddler on a mission. An avid environmentalist, Margo has already paddled the entire eastern seaboard, raising awareness of ocean conservation in her Miami to Maine Paddle in 2007. Now she is paddling the Gulf of Mexico to raise a similar message of conservation for a healthier gulf. Beginning in Miami and ending in New Orleans, Margo is currently three quarters through her ~1,000 mile journey. She will be landing in New Orleans on May 23, ending her third major trek for environmental awareness. Margo has been paddling over 40 miles some days and has encountered everything from sea turtles to industrialized harbors filled with litter and debris along our Mexican Gulf. She keeps a blog with the latest updates about her experiences during her trek along the coast.A mother of two, Margo is interested not only in keeping her oceans clean for today, but tomorrow as well. She states, “I am paddling the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida to spread my message of hope and a call to action.” The Gulf Restoration Network is a proud sponsor of Margo’s expedition and, along with the National Resource Defense Council, has been supporting Margo as she stops along various coastal cities along Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Sending a local message, Margo has been talking to local media about her fight for a healthier gulf. Her journey demonstrates how anyone with a passion to save the environment can truly make a difference in environmental awareness and conservation.Megan Morikawa is an intern at the Gulf Restoration Network, spending her community summer in New Orleans as a Robertson Scholar from Duke University.

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