Morganza Corners Being Cut

As folks may know, GRN has been involved with working to improve the Morganza-to-the-Gulf levee system since 2001, urging for levee alignments which will allow for as much intact coastal marsh area in front of the levee toe as possible. Despite our efforts, momentum has developed around an alignment that would significantly impact estuarine marsh, and the associated marine wildlife habitat, and natural storm protection those areas offer.In designing the levee though, efforts have been made to protect salt/fresh water exchange between sides of the levee, via so called, “leaky levees.” Despite significant concerns about the effectiveness of this design, the inclusion of the ‘environmental structures’ showed that those unwilling to support different alignments were willing to put some energy and resources into efforts to sustain the coast, not simply wall it off.In a recent Houma Courier article, it’s becoming clear that local leaders who have for years trumpeted their support for coastal restoration while in the next breath play a few notes of ‘Morganza Now,’ are completely immune to cognitive dissonance. In what I hope is some sort of strategic brinksmanship to push for a federal commitment to the project, advocates are now considering dropping the environmental structures from their plans. Read Len Bahr’s take on this move at his blog, LaCoastPost, because I’m sure he does a far better job analyzing this development than I could.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Campaign Director

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