As every reader of this blog knows, Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are disappearing at the rate of a football field every 45 minutes, destroying New Orleans natural storm defenses. This film features artists from Fishbone, Galactic, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band discussing Louisiana’s coastal crisis.The Gulf Restoration Network has partnered with the Voodoo Experience to educate musicians about the role Louisiana’s wetlands loss plays in the recovery of New Orleans, and building support to restore Louisiana’s coastal lines of defense.The video was created by NOLA Image Works, and funded by a grant from the John Merck Fund. GRN wants to thank Clint Maedgen, Stanton Moore, Angelo Moore, the Voodoo Experience, Neutral Ground Films, Thunder Voltz, and our partners on the Louisiana Coastal Lines of Defense campaign, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation for helping make this project happen.For our coast and our communities,AaronAaron Viles is GRN’s Campaign Director.

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