Oil & Gas in the Gulf of Mexico 2020

Read the full report here: healthygulf.org/oil2020

It has been 10 years since the BP Drilling Disaster began. 11 workers lost their lives, and over 200 million gallons of oil began to spew for 87 days. For the past 10 years, we have fought together to make sure Gulf communities would be protected from another disaster like BP. Unfortunately, this Administration has done everything in their power to roll back the protections that keep us safe. Companies are now drilling in much deeper waters with fewer rules. Our communities deserve better.

Today, we are releasing a report on Oil & Gas in the Gulf of Mexico. Take a look at where we stand today, and take action so that we can build a better future together. One thing is clear, we cannot afford a polluting economy any longer.

For the next 87 days, we will be remembering the hard lessons that we were taught by the BP Disaster and demanding action so that those lessons guide us toward a just transition to renewable energy in the Gulf and across the world.

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