Jefferson Parish Calls on State to Study Impacts of RAM Coal Export Terminal

Jefferson Parish, La.-The Jefferson Parish Council unanimously passed aresolutiontoday calling on the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to further study the effects of the proposed RAM coal export terminal in Plaquemines Parish on coastal restoration plans and Louisiana communities.”I thank the Council for listening to the residents of Jefferson Parish and taking this bold action,” said Laurie Ledet, a resident of Gretna, La. “We don’t want the RAM coal export terminal’s mile-long uncovered coal trains, we don’t want to breathe RAM’s coal dust or have coal dust coat our homes, and we certainly don’t want an out-of-state coal company threatening Louisiana’s coastal restoration plans.” The Council’s action comes on the heels of several other resolutions from local governments questioning RAM and its coal trains, astate court decision rejecting RAM’s coastal use permitand thePlaquemines Parish Council’s voteto reject a key construction permit for the coal export terminal.”From Gretna and Westwego to Jefferson and Plaquemines Parish, communities across southeast Louisiana are speaking up loud and clear against the RAM coal export terminal and its coal trains,” said Devin Martin, Sierra Club. “The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority should listen to the voices of the people who would be most affected by RAM and dissolve itsagreementwith the coal company.” “Louisiana’s own scientists at the Water Institute of the Gulf have said that the RAM coal export terminalcould seriously impairthe planned Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion — a hallmark project in the state’s coastal master plan,” said Grace Morris, Gulf Restoration Network. “If the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is truly serious about restoring our coast, it needs to implement the coastal master plan and reject the RAM coal export terminal.” ###

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