Since Gulf Restoration Network’s inception, the members of our Board of Directors have been a constant source of wisdom, information, and inspiration in the fight to protect the Gulf Coast’s environment and communities. This year will mark GRN’s 15th Anniversary, and, to acknowledge this milestone, several board members have contributed their thoughts on the past year and their hopes for the future.After you’ve taken a look at what they have to say, click here to comment with your own reflections on the New Year.GRN’s current chair, Robert Hastings of Prattville, AL says,”Having grown up along the Gulf coast (in Pensacola), I have witnessed first-hand (for more than 60 years) many changes in the Gulf and its coastline. Beaches where I once swam, fished, and beachcombed are now covered by condominiums, motels, and beach-front houses. The bayou where I learned to swim has been closed because of pollution. Thankfully, some coastal areas remain natural and have become even more valuable and worthy of protection. Organizations such as the Gulf Restoration Network have played a significant role in helping to protect and restore natural areas along the Gulf coast, reduce water pollution, and protect fisheries populations in the Gulf. With our help GRN will continue this mission of protecting America’s magnificent Gulf of Mexico.”Page Williams of Houston, TX says,”I begin the new year, 2009, with high hopes for the future of the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to Barack Obama’s appointment of Jane Lubchenco to head NOAA. With her special interest/expertise in marine protected areas, perhaps we shall see a revival of interest in a string of MPAs across the Gulf. Perhaps our fishery management council will finally be guided toward ecosystem management, instead of their spectacularly unsuccessful single-species management policy. Perhaps science will replace politics as the driving force behind Gulf fishery management. Finally, I dare to hope!!”Jose Miranda of New Orleans, LA says,”My first year of board service with the GRN has been extremely rewarding and quite an eye-opener. My professional background is financial, which means that I often feel quite inadequate at board meetings where everyone is an expert in fisheries and environmental issues. I can still remember the eyes rolling when in the middle of a fisheries discussion I asked “What are menhaden?”. However, Lynn, our star financial person, seems quite pleased to have a board member with whom she can discuss financial statements presentation.GRN’s board members and staff are the most knowledgeable, and dedicated bunch with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. We all contribute in our way. The mission is far too important to sit around and expect others to do the work.God bless and have a happy and environmentally safe 2009.”Share your own reflections on the New Year and GRN’s 15th Anniversary, click here to add your comments.Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer

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